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The British Benevolent Society of California provides aid and relief to British Citizens in need.

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About Us

The British Benevolent Society of California (BBS) is a 501(c)(3) charity who provides aid and relief to British Citizens in need. Our support comes from generous donations, legacies and fundraising by members, and our community in California.

Who We Are

The BBS is made up of predominantly volunteer members, 14 of whom form a Board of Directors who manage the charity and its activities. The Board of Directors each carries a position of responsibility. Through discussion and unity they make all decisions which determine how the charity continues to succeed and deliver its mission.

Individual crisis cases are also bought to the Board in order to discuss and determine if they qualify for financial support from the BBS. The Board is also responsible for fundraising, the investment and management of the charitable monies, legal alignment, coordination with the British Consulate and the marketing of the BBS organization.

Most importantly the BBS Board is focused on helping and supporting British Nationals, residing in the states covered by the Consulates General offices in California, who are desperate and quite literally have no where else to turn for help. The BBS relies on the support of a paid membership program and welcomes anyone who would like to join and help support its cause.

Membership for a year costs a modest $100 and allows the member an opportunity to attend all BBS events and fund raisers whilst supporting individuals who are in desperate need.

Executive Director

Meet our Executive Director, Jenn Baker.

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"Thank You! Without the help of the BBS, I would have never been able to return home to see my father before he passed on. It gave me great peace to have those moments with him. Thank you BBS."

Paul B