Message from Our President

Malcolm Manson, Board President

It is my great pleasure and honor to greet you all as your new Board President. Over the many years I have been associated with the Society in different ways, I have been most gratified to watch its growth in size and focus, and its increased impact on those we serve. It is also a pleasure that we are able to work so closely with the consulate and its staff.

This year we will take a look at the impact our executive director has had—magnificent, incidentally—and tweak where appropriate. We will also be analyzing the nature of relief cases we have been serving as opposed to times past and ensuring that our service to them can be sustainable.

Finally, growing our membership is our key to a healthy and useful future—and this is something we all can take part in. I urge everyone to look around among your British friends, bring them to a social occasion, and enthuse them about our mission. Fees are modest; the reward is great.

The Ven. Malcolm Manson
Board President, BBS

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The British Benevolent Society of California provides aid and relief to British Citizens in need.

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Did you know?

The first President of the British Benevolent Society was William Lane Booker, who was also the British Consul in 1857.