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This Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend is always a time when we reflect and look back with pride and sorrow for all the men and women lost while serving in the military. Our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters and even children.  Their sacrifices were permanent, securing much of what we have today.  Just as we honor our military heroes fallen in wartime – let’s do the same for the many first responders lost in the struggle with Covid-19. They, too, were on the front lines. They, too, saved lives, at the cost of their own. Save a thought for them and their families.

Enjoy yourself this weekend.

BBS Podcast with BABCLA

In their most recent podcast, BABC LA President and host James Langridge was delighted to highlight the British Benevolent Society.

BBS representatives Charles Cockerton (President), Arif Damji (Board member) and Jennifer Baker (Executive Director) fill listeners in on the rich history of the BBS, which is rooted in California’s Gold Rush, and what it is doing today for those struggling during the age of Covid-19.

Visit to listen to the podcast or click here to subscribe on Apple iTunes.

BBS Coronavirus Relief Program

Thank you to all of our members and supporters who have taken time to donate to the BBS Coronavirus Relief Program

The Relief Committee continues to receive daily requests for assistance. As we send out this newsletter today, the Relief Committee considers 15 pending applications.

The BBS has provided more than $35,000 to relief since the pandemic was declared. We are extremely grateful for the generous donations that we have received from individuals and organizations within the BBS community.

There is no doubt that everyone is conscious of the financial struggles faced by many right now. Food pantry lines run for miles and people struggle to pay rent. During this time all donations to the BBS will be directed to the Coronavirus Grant Program. If you have the means, please consider donating today.

Immigration in the US During a Global Pandemic

Tahmina Watson, fellow Brit and founder Watson Immigration in Seattle, WA, kindly joined Charles Cockerton (President), Arif Damji (Board member) and Jennifer Baker (Executive Director) to discuss practical information around the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is impacting expat communities. The interview touches on general immigration questions, temporary visas, applying for green cards and returning to the US. Click on the image below to listen to the interview.

Much like the pandemic, the impact of Covid-19 is constantly evolving. The most important thing you can do is obtain guidance from an expert, ensure you are following the existing laws and educate yourself.

Be sure to sign up for Tahmina’s blog to stay up to date with immigration policy changes.

BBS Events

28 May: BBS Virtual Happy Hour

What: BBS Happy Hour
When: Thursday 28 May
Time: 5PM
Cost: Free!

Next week the BBS will host our first virtual happy hour! We plan to welcome new members, and provide an opportunity for anyone to join us to learn about the BBS.

Consider purchasing your happy hour drinks from BBS supporters and business members Goldschmidt Vineyard and Spirit Works Distillery.Questions? Contact Jenn Baker.   Register Here Today

Capt. Tom Moore
Awarded Knighthood

Capt. Tom Moore, the British World War II veteran who raised more than $39 million to support health workers by walking 100 laps for charity in his garden, was awarded knighthood in recognition of how he has inspired people in the U.K. and around the world.

Visit here to learn more about this good news story and watch the video below and hear directly from Capt. Tom.

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The British Benevolent Society of California provides financial aid and compassionate relief to British Citizens in need throughout the Western United States.

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