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The British Benevolent Society of California provides financial aid and compassionate relief to British Citizens in need throughout the Western United States.

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The BBS receives almost weekly requests for assistance from British citizens who have find themselves in a time of need.  Applicants for relief face difficult decisions such as the need for emergency repatriation, assistance in recovering from a violent crime, rental assistance for those on a fixed income, affording essential medication and maintaining health insurance. Many of the cases are unique in their nature but the applicant is always a British national.

The BBS continues to provide assistance to those struggling to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic.  Since March 2020, more than $250,000 in aid has been given throughout the Western United States to British citizens in need.

If you are in a position where you can help the BBS please make a donation today. Any amount helps.

Did you know?

The BBS handled dozens of cases in the late 1940’s of English women living in poverty in the US, abandoned by their husbands. The organization helped settle divorces and return the women and children to England.