New to the USA?

Becoming part of the British Benevolent Society is a wonderful way to make new connections with British expats. Our members have valuable experiences to share about life in the US, and offer a warm welcome to new arrivals from the UK.

While our primary focus is providing charitable aid to British citizens in times of crisis, our members enjoy the sense of community we offer, the opportunity to share expat tips, and participation in regular social events with other Brits living abroad.

Although we share a common language with our American neighbors, there are considerable adjustments that expats often have to make. Being part of the BBS puts you in the company of people who have “been there, and done that.” Beyond simply mastering the basics, our members often know how to make the most of the experience, from wine country to winter skiing and all points in between.

As a BBS member, you’ll be in excellent company. You’ll also have the rewarding experience of knowing that you’re part of an organization that makes a significant different to less fortunate British citizens living abroad, in times of need.

Spring 2023 BBS Newsletter

Spring 2023 BBS Newsletter

Update from the Board of Directors After several years as…

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