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The British Benevolent Society of California provides financial aid and compassionate relief to British Citizens in need throughout the Western United States.

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July 2020 Newsletter

Traveling to the UK &

Returning to the US During Coronavirus

Earlier this month, BBS President Charles Cockerton and Executive Director Jenn Baker sat down with BBS Business Member Karen Beale from Trinity House Paintings. Karen has traveled to the UK several times since late 2019 and has returned from her most recent trip. She now shares her latest experiences about traveling to the UK and returning to the US, during a pandemic.

We hope that you find the conversation and our BBS members’ experiences useful. Click on the image below to listen to the interview.

BBS Relief And

The Coronavirus Grant Program

We continue to receive a steady flow of both Coronavirus- related and traditional requests for assistance. Since mid-March of this year, the BBS has provided over $70,000 in financial aid including 31 Covid19 $1,500 Grants.

We received our first request to assist in repatriation. This Brit is an unemployed musician and is no longer able to support herself in the United States. We worked with the Consulate in Los Angeles to arrange her return journey to the UK. In her thank you she said,

“I cannot thank you all enough for this help, I would have been stuck if not for this….the BBS is a life saver!”

Many requests are from individuals who have not received a paycheck since mid-March. Some qualify for unemployment while others are unable to rely on government programs for assistance. During the ongoing unsettling times the BBS continues to try and provide relief to any Brit who qualifies.

Considering Making a Donation?

We would like to thank all of our members and those who have donated to the charity during this time. Right now, more than ever, your commitment to the charity is helping people every day.

What we are seeing is that people want to help. Check out the BBS JustGiving Page if you would like to make a pledge or let us know if you would like to start one of your own. Visit our donations page to make a direct charitable contribution. Please contact Jenn Baker for questions.

During this time, all donations to the BBS will directly help those impacted by the pandemic.

BBS Events

BBS Virtual Happy Hour

When: Thursday 20 August
Time: 6 PM
Where: The Comfort of Your Own Home
Cost: Free!
Registration: Register Here

The BBS will host our second virtual happy hour in August. As with last time, we will welcome new members and provide an opportunity for anyone to join us and learn about the BBS. A link to join the virtual happy hour will be emailed prior to the event.

Please consider purchasing your happy hour drinks from BBS supporters and business members Goldschmidt Vineyard and Spirit Works Distillery.

From the Community

Remember back in January when former BBS Director, Elizabeth Monnet, shared her novel A Vintage Year for Libel and Slander?

In her second novel, Sidney spends his days trying to protect his humans from legal peril in the San Francisco courts. He tries to unmask the thief who stole a $50 million diamond ring during a Crush Party in Sonoma.

To help keep all of us informed during the pandemic Sidney has started a blog where he takes questions from fans. His latest post, Busted By A Beagle, features the backstory of how and when Aussies arrived in the US.

We can all use some distractions right now. Be sure to check in with Sidney-she will bring a smile to your face.

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