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Last week the BBS shared a message addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, there have been developments and changes that impact all of us. Our daily lives and routines have been interrupted and it is impossible to avoid news about the virus. We are following up now to share essential information, some practical advice, and remind you that we may be able to help.

We recommend that you continue to listen to experts for guidance.

How to help yourself

Up to date resources and reliable information:

For those of you on social media, be sure to follow:

Also, our partners at the British Consulates General work to support all British nationals and they can be reached 24/7. Please note that the Consulate in San Francisco provides assistance to British nationals in Washington State. Useful telephone numbers:

  • British Consulate General San Francisco : +1.415.617.1300
  • British Consulate General Los Angeles: +1.310.789.0031

How you can help

We have received a number of queries from members asking how they can help vulnerable Brits in need of assistance. As of today, we haven’t received any requests for relief. If you are interested in helping, start by reaching out to your neighbors and friends who make up the vulnerable population of society. Vulnerable populations include:

  • 60 years old and older
  • People with certain health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease and weakened immune systems
  • People who are pregnant or were pregnant in the last two weeks

If you fall under the designation of being vulnerable (many of us are!) and could benefit from some help during this time, please contact the BBS online or call us at 415.421.7195. We are happy to try and connect those who need help with people who are able to help.

While most of us are almost constantly checking for updates, others are not able to rely on online resources. Encourage those who you know, that could benefit from help, to reach out and let us know.

Our hearts continue to go out to those families, friends, and communities that have been directly impacted by the virus. We are all in this together and together.

Take care

A special thanks to our community partners at the British American Business Council who have been in touch and offered assistance wherever possible.

And if you still have some time for a good read, I recommend you check out ‘Caremongering‘.

Take care & be well,
Your Friends at the BBS

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